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“A”, “B” or “C” ??? Which Is Best For Your $40.00?

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"Just Rouse-It" logo - icon-200x200-02-PURPLE-white-corners“A”, “B” or “C” ???Which Is Best For Your $40?

There is no doubt that balloon grid system “C” gives you a larger display for your hardware dollars.

But, what is that system? And is it always the best choice?

You have a chance to find out for yourself, hands-on at #RouseED™ #BalloonGrids™ seminars.

We have four seminars scheduled for the first week in each of the first four months of the new year; January, February, March and April 2017 at the Balloon Training Institute facilities in Sevierville, TN, USA.

You have probably seen or heard about the huge forest fires in that area. The people and facilities we are using are among the fortunate ones in the area and are ready and eager to have us have us come on up to the Smokey Mountains for some of the best balloon training anywhere in the world.

Here is your link to details and registration for the first seminar Jan. 4-5, 2107:


SAVE $75.00 when you register before Christmas 2016.

This seminar has a Valentines Day theme and you will carry home new designs for Valentines as well as new tools and skills for making them.

Come on up and join us! We’ll have great fun, work hard and leave ready to start the new year with new tools, new techniques, new designs and a new support system in place for Valentines Day and beyond.



I look forward to meeting you there!

Graham Rouse


PS: If you have questions, please give me a call at
1-864-654-4166 or write to me at JustRouseIt@gmail.com.

This is a #JustRouseIt™ Event featuring graphics, sculpture and decorations #MadeWithBalloons™, made with #RouseMatrix™, made with other #BalloonGrids™ and made with licensed #RouseAPPS™ techniques, Link to more “Awesome Resources For Doing Fabulous Things MadeWithBalloons™” at our Onlline HUB:  http://JustRouseIt.com .

Copyright 2016 G. Rouse



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