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Nov 30

GET YOUR ROUSE ON! BalloonGrids / RouseAPPS Launch, Valentine Seminar

Stage #1 Launch Of RouseAPPS™ The Technology Guaranteed To Get Better Results From YOUR Balloon Grids   January 4-5, 2017  At Balloon Training Institute 350 New Center Rd.  Unit #54 Sevierville, TN, USA Produced by Rouse Technologies TEL: 1-864-654-4166  ———————————————— IN  BRIEF THE SEMINAR INCLUDES. (1) NEW TOOLS       For  Your  Balloon  TOOL  BOX (2) NEW …

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Nov 02


locate "ROUSE EVENTS" on Navigation Bar “Awesome Resources for Doing Fabulous Things MadeWithBalloons™” ————————————-   TABLE OF CONTENTS (A) CONSUMER RESOURCES We build Fabulous Things MadeWithBalloons for the persons, places and events you choose. (B) PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES We supply advanced, proprietary      1. Tools …..2. Techniques …..3. Training …..4. Support for balloon artists and enthusiasts worldwide. They are so good …

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